How much will my video production cost?

The price of the project depends on the resources and time required to deliver the piece. A Project can go from hundreds to thousands. To view the approximate range of our rates, visit our pricing section.

Do you provide the RAW video files?

Yes, we can provide RAW footage as long as the hard drive + time expenses are covered. A compatible, personal data drive can also be provided.

How long does it take to complete a video?

Our average project is completed within two weeks. However, this does depend on the project’s details and how quickly you provide your revisions.

What if I only want footage and no editing?

We got you covered. We can shoot and deliver footage without editing.

What if I have my own footage and want that edited?

We also have you covered with this!

Do you travel outside of Rhode Island?

Yes, we travel to shoot!

What should my video be about?

This depends, what are you goals and messages for yourself and your business? Who is your target audience? Is there a call to action you would like them to respond to? This could be shown through a 30 second commercial, a highlight reel of one of your events, a promo of one of your classes, and interview narrative in which your brand speaks on its message, etc. The list is endless.

Still don’t know? We provide proposals based on your budget and can help you get through the process. The best way to go about this is by submitting our new project form to us!

Will I be able to see and make changes to the video before the final product?

Of course! Three rounds of revisions are included in the post-production price where you can make all the changes you would like after seeing the first draft. Keep in mind that anything out of the original scope established in pre-production is at additional cost. For more information on our process, check out our services page.

What is the best method to communicate the vision we need?

Our favorite and most accurate method for understanding your vision and providing a quote is through our new project form. This is a survey that provides us with all the information necessary to execute the best project possible, so be sure to thoroughly complete the form. However, if you would rather call, email, text, or message us through social media, feel free to do so as well!

What can I do with my final video?

A final product can be used in a wide variety of platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, televion, etc. The majority of social media platforms allow you to post your video and set up a promotion within minutes. You can target your specific audience and more, spreading your message and increasing your brand’s awareness.

Do you provide discounted work for non-profits and charities?

It depends on a few factors in our business at the time, we may provide discounted work for non-profits and charities. Chat with us so we can speak further on this.