Why Us?

Experienced team

The two founders of Deft have been film-making for over 8 years, working on personal projects and for video production companies in New England. We have learned the do’s and don’ts of making good content and use our knowledge to provide you with a high quality video.

Best bang for your buck

Search it up! We charge less than the majority of video production companies in New England and deliver great content. Why don’t we charge a lot? We like what we do, it's fun to us! 

High level equipment

So you charge less, does that mean your equipment is cheap?? Nope, we use high quality equipment that is constantly updated to meet up with industry standards. We also know exactly how and when to use what gear.

Quick turnarounds

Our average delivery is within one week of the shoot. We’ll guide you through pre-production, production, and post-production in the smoothest way possible.

Rhode Island locals

Our entire team is born and raised in Rhode Island. With common discounts for non-profits/charities and local passion projects in the making, we love to give back to our home.


To ensure the best communication possible, we have team members who are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English! 


Before we started doing it for work, we did it for fun! When we are not working on Deft projects, we are most likely working on personal projects. We are happy to say that each one of our team members is eager to take on every project!

Our Personal Projects

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